October 3rd Progress Report: how we are getting on.

The WW1 sub-group of Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist A Tuath has been busy out and about, filming interviews and capturing content both for Guthan Nan Eilean and for our exhibition and our eventual publications. So far Willie Macdonald has read some of the war poems of Domhnall Ruadh Choruna and spoken about his own relatives’ experiences of war. The Reverend John Smith, who will be opening our exhibition on November 11th, has described the Opening of the War Memorial at Clachan and has written a very moving lament of his own about war and loss. Norman MacLean is busy rehearsing a poem he has written about his grandfather saying his final farewell to his mother, when she was aged five, at the gate of Carinish School, with pupils from that school.
Cathie Laing has recorded poignant memories of her great-uncle and his suffering from the effects of mustard gas. Alec MacAulay has described an important event, one which powerfully demonstrates the effects of this war on the island, namely the Land raids. Lachie Morrison has contributed valuable documentation, photos and song about his father’s wartime experience.
More interviews with Donald MacCormick, Maggie Cooper, Isa MacKillop, Duncan MacKinnon, Ewen MacAskill and Norman Johnson, are at the edit stage, and we aim to finish the last five interviews by October 10th, leaving us one month to complete the exhibition DVD on time for the opening. We meet as a sub-group today to do our final planning for the exhibition. We will also be meeting with Simon MacQuarrie later next week to discuss the design of the exhibition. We are very grateful for the support of Proiseact nan Eilean with our exhibition. Their gift to the project of two Ipads has proved invaluable with our filming.


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